Back Into Business!

The Illinois Evans Scholars have returned from a long summer apart, but that did not stop them from getting right back into the semester, better than ever! We have a great new group of 32 freshmen, who have already made contributions to our chapter.

The Illinois Evans Scholars have always been great at volunteering, and this year they have already stepped it up! One of our sophomores, Ciaran McCarthy, organized a blood drive for a community outside the house called Business Council. We had almost all the freshmen donate and many other Scholars as well! It is amazing to see our Scholars helping others and getting involved in different organizations. Great job to Ciaran for organizing the whole thing and getting our chapter to volunteer!

Another organization outside the house that many of our Scholars participate in is called Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem is a nationwide organization that provides a free week at camp for kids who have parents suffering from cancer. Another sophomore, Michael Adegoke, promoted the event to our chapter and got a ton of Scholars to come out and donate!

Apart from helping organizations outside the chapter, our Scholars also spent the weekend of September 24-25 volunteering as a group. On Saturday, our Scholars volunteered for iHelp, a campus-wide community service organization. Scholars spent their Saturday morning at a grammar school making art with children that is going to be sold in order to donate money to protect coral reefs. Scholars said the opportunity to work with little kids was "very rewarding." Scholars also spent their Sunday afternoon volunteering for Feed My Starving Children, which asks people to pack food in containers to send overseas to poor villages that cannot afford it. Thank you to all the Scholars who have helped. Not only do they make a difference every day in our chapter, but they are making a difference in our community, campus and our world.