Double the Fun!

The Illinois Evans Scholars had double the fun, the weekend of April 7-9, as the University of Illinois celebrated Mom's Weekend, and the Evans Scholars celebrated New Scholar Day.

The Illinois chapter kicked off Mom's Weekend with a Bob Evans brunch and outdoor barbecue on Saturday that was filled with burgers, bean bags and everyone having a blast!

It was an eventful weekend to say the least. Even more eventful, however; was when Philanthropy Chair Corey Weil led a group of Scholars and some moms to UIUC's fifth annual Campus and Community Day of Service. Scholars and their moms, along with other members of the U of I community, helped package 150,000 meals for unfortunate families. This went to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and meant a great deal to the families benefitting! Big thank you to the Scholars and their moms who spent a part of their Mom's Weekend focusing on the needs of others, rather than themselves. It is truly a joy to see Scholars and their families give back after all we were given!

New Scholar Day was Sunday, April 9, and the Illinois chapter happily welcomed a new class of 32 New Scholars! We were extremely excited to see their smiling faces and learn all about the great new additions to our chapter! We kicked off the day with pizza, executive board introductions, New Scholar introductions, a Q&A, and tours around our Scholarship House and campus. We also made some quality time to spend with the New Scholars and hear about all their interests. We quickly found out what a fun-loving, kind group of people they are. During our quality time with them, we found out all kinds of things, from the sports they like, their favorite animals, and that we even have some twins and familial members of current Scholars in our chapter! Haley Doyle is a sister of junior Jessica Doyle, Samantha St. Ledger is a sister of sophomore Sydney St. Ledger, Patrick Cooke is a cousin of junior Dave Varley, and Julia Nakashima is a sister of sophomore Brandon Nakashima. We are looking forward to seeing them work together and further the values of our Scholarship.

Earlier in the week, Scholars signed up to be mentors for the incoming freshmen based on major, character and excellent examples of the Scholarship pillars. These mentors included freshmen Nick Cueller, Danny Benson, Angela Bogusz, Antonio Elizondo and Maddie Atwood, sophomores Tricia Ebersold, Konrad Wilk, Bobby Morales, Corey Weil and Ciaran McCarthy, juniors Alex Cueller, Brian Lopez, Bryan Lang and Ben Kusinski, and senior Ken Sprague. Thank you to all our mentors for their invaluable advice and helpfulness to the New Scholars! We cannot wait to find out more about them and share our Evans Scholars experience with them for the rest of their time here. We wish a special thank you for Brian Shell and Wendy Evans to coming down to celebrate New Scholar Day with our chapter and to everyone else who helped make our weekend one of the best yet here at Illinois!