Game night with Evans Illini

  • All Scholars invited! Those not playing
    Mario Kart grouped up to play card and
    board games
  • Nick Kosmalski, Pedro Gonzalez and
    Kevin Baczek
  • A large group of Scholars watching and
    playing Mario Kart

Bringing Scholars together is always a motto we try to keep at the Illinois chapter. The new executive board consisting of Alex Umali, Daniel Benson, Matthew Finan, Owen Leon, Kevin Burck, Brandon Nakashima and Daniel Roman wanted to bring many Scholars together in new ways that have never been introduced before. This past week, Scholars were able to come down to our pit room to enjoy our first ever Mario Kart tournament and games night! Scholars and Graduate Resident Advisors were able to come down and enjoy the fun, have some snacks and watch the action as racers from all across the chapter competed in the Grand Prix on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Players were on the new Nintendo Switch, donated by various Scholars in the chapter who were very excited for game night. After hours of snacking and racing, champion and veteran GRA Wellington Riera finished the final lap with a one-point total lead against runner-up senior David Varley. Many talented racers came out to play and we're glad that everyone had fun!

Thank you to the Evans Scholars Foundation for inviting us to Chicago this past weekend. After a nice long weekend at the 2018 Golf Ball and Winter Outing at the Hyatt Regency, our Scholars were able to enjoy a relaxing night inside to bond with their peers.

We have a lot of future events coming up, like our annual Polar Plunge! Many Scholars will have raised by then at least $100, taking the plunge into the cold waters for the Special Olympics. Speaking of giving back, Junior Ciaran McCarthy just organized yet another blood drive for the Illinois Evans Scholars. Ciaran organizes about three blood drives per semester and has been doing so since his sophomore year!

We're excited for another great semester at the University of Illinois and will strive to impact the world as Evans Scholars!