Check in with our Scholars abroad

This semester, we have five Evans Scholars studying abroad in Europe. Check out their stories and some of their experiences being abroad!

Madeline Atwood is a sophomore studying elementary education. She is studying abroad in Verona, Italy, and is currently studying at the institute of IDEA Verona. Her favorite thing about being abroad is being immersed in many different cultures and being able to travel all around Europe.

Our next Scholar is junior Reilly Neeson. She studies agricultural and consumer economics with a concentration in agribusiness markets and management, and is studying at University College Dublin(UCD) in Dublin, Ireland. Her favorite thing about studying abroad is gaining a new sense of independence and self-reliance.

Our next three Scholars all traveled to the same place together! Juniors Pat Adams, Brad Klein and E'lan Robinson all study at Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic. Pat is a finance and economics major, and his favorite thing about being abroad is traveling around Europe for very cheap and adapting to another country. Brad is an econ and political science major, and his favorite thing about being abroad is studying with people from around the world. Brad and Pat are actually roommates!

E'lan Robinson is studying accounting, and her favorite thing about being abroad is getting new ideas from all the culture shock that she's seen in Europe!

We wish our Scholars the best with school for the rest of the semester and safe travels back to Champaign!