Best of luck to our seniors!

  • Our seniors and their own Par Club hats!
  • Congratulations to Jessica Doyle and Julia Nakashima for being awarded Outstanding Senior of the Year and New Scholar of the Year!

As the year comes to an end, we have exciting news to share. In the past few weeks, our senior class was able to raise $1,200 for a charity of their choosing. This year they chose the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Andrew Weisher Foundation, which was more than double than last year's fundraisers! A huge thank you to our seniors and all that they have taught us, and a good luck on the next chapter of their lives! Come visit Illinois whenever!

As a final award, our chapter has a New Scholar of the Year and Outstanding Senior of the Year award. This year our winners were Julia Nakashima and Jessica Doyle, respectively. Congratulations on a job well done! Our whole chapter is extremely grateful for all that these two have taught us with their positive attitude and influences.

As the year closes out to an end, take a look at what our seniors plan to do following graduation:

Sean Birt, a political science major, will take a gap year and will attend law school in fall 2019.

Lucas Buchasz, a finance major, will be returning to the Illinois Evans Scholars as a GRA to complete his master's in business finance.

Alex Cueller, an accounting major, will be interning at PwC this summer, then returning next year to the Illinois Evans Scholars as a GRA to complete his master's in accounting.

Marisa Cullnan, a psychology major, has accepted admission to University of Illinois Ph.D. program in human development and family studies for fall 2019. She is also searching for full-time jobs in education research, nonprofits and social services addressing education.

Stefan Davitkov, a clinical psychology major, plans to move back home and gain volunteering and clinical psych experience in his local community. He also plans to work as an ACT tutor for high school students.

Jess Doyle, an English major, is seeking employment in editing and publishing.

Tressa Freberg, a marketing and information systems & information technology major, will be applying for jobs in digital marketing as well as other areas of marketing.

Pedro Gonzalez, a communications major, will be returning to Illinois to continue his degree.

Ryan Greene, a finance major, will be working for The Claro Group, a management consulting firm, in their River North office in Chicago starting August 2018.

Ted Harrold, a kinesiology major, will be applying to physician assistant schools while working in a hospital as an emergency room technician.

Ben Kusinski, a history major, will be attending armor school (Armor BOLC) in Fort Benning, Georgia, until December, when he will find out where he will be permanently stationed as a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

Bryan Lang, an accounting major, will return next year to the Illinois Evans Scholars as a GRA to complete his master's in accounting.

Brian Lopez, a Spanish major, will be searching for employment.

Jeffrey Mason, a natural resources and environmental sciences major, will return to Illinois to complete his degree.

Juanita McDonald, an advertising major with a minor in communications, will apply for a master's in strategic brand communication at the University of Illinois.

Manny Morales, a double major in sociology and social psychology major, will be taking a gap year working part time as a court researcher in Lake and McHenry Counties before beginning the law school application process. He is also looking for positions in human resources

Jonathan Munoz, an advertising major, will be returning to Illinois to complete his degree.

Mackenzie O'Neil, an economics major, will be working as a financial analyst for a healthcare/medical manufacturing device company called Hill-Rom in Chicago.

Bailey Reisman, a financial planning major, will be doing commercial leadership training at First American Bank.

Malik Moulton, an economics and geographic information science major with a minor in informatics, has applied for a graduate program at University of Illinois and plans on working in urban planning with the NGA.

Sam Roche, a consumer economics major, will be searching for employment.

Michael Tardi, a chemical engineering major, will be continuing his education at University of Illinois after taking his co-op.

David Varley, a double major in information systems and marketing, will do IT consulting with Crowe Horwath.