Welcome back to school!

The Illinois Evans Scholars are back and they mean business! This year, our chapter size is huge with more than 140 Scholars!

Some new changes have also been implemented into our chapter. Currently, our entire freshman class is living a block away at a residence hall. Keeping this in mind, the Illinois E-Board is making sure to involve them in Evans events and culture as much as possible. We also organized many fun activities during their first week on campus! Our freshman class were participated in paintball, icebreaker activities and went on tours across campus led by members of our executive board.

Things have also been great on campus for the rest of our Evans Scholars. We attended Quad Day, a day where all Registered Student Organizations are on the quad and students flock from table to table signing up for clubs. Our E-Board heard a multitude of clubs being joined from our freshmen, from cultural clubs like Polish club to hobby clubs such as videogame (esports) club. We're proud of our freshmen and their accomplishments!

In other news, former United States President Barack Obama attended campus this past Friday and many of our Scholars were excited to watch his live stream. One of our freshmen, Noella Bamigbola, actually had the honor to go watch in person!

Illinois can't wait to show you what else we have in store for the year!