Scholar activities

It has been a busy time for the Evans Scholars at Illinois! From philanthropy to fun, our Scholars are out there being proactive during the school year. 

Every Monday we have a team of Scholars go out to Hope Food Pantry in Urbana, to package food and box it for the community center. What a nice way for our Scholars to give back to the community!

We also, as a chapter, hosted our blood drive two weeks ago organized by senior Ciaran McCarthy. Ciaran regularly hosts blood drives in our chapter room to help give back.

Our Scholars also participate in school activities such as attending football games. Many Scholars have a fun time attending and showing off their school colors.

Next week, our Scholars are going to have a good time because it's homecoming! Scholars are always looking forward to homecoming to attend tailgates and watch more football. We also have a Mario Kart tournament again that will be planned, so we are excited to see what the future entails.